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I Am Here!

I had the intention of making a website with a blog for a long time. One of the main reasons it took so long was that I had a vision of my first post being this grand manifesto perfectly explaining who I am, how I see the world, and where I view my place to make a positive impact. I would break down my philosophy on training, coaching, and life. And all this would happen in a piece short enough to fit the attention span allotted to a blog post. Not surprisingly, much time has passed, and many pieces of writing have been started and scrapped. What I was trying to create wasn’t an introduction, but something that would come together after much more writing and refining of vision.

So I realized that what I have to say right now is that I am here, and I am ready to be seen and heard. It can be difficult taking a big step into new territory. Approaching the unknown can cause nervousness and hesitancy. But if I want change in my life, I have a responsibility to create change. In order to live an extraordinary, love filled, service giving, enriching life, I need to push the boundaries of the space I fill now. I plan to use this platform to speak from a place that combines my physicality, mind, and heart. Sometimes I will talk training, and sometimes just ideas and reflections on life. So sign up to receive my posts in your inbox, or follow me on Instagram @katemcgray where I will notify of new writing. Thank you!

I am excited to be sharing with you!

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